Wednesday, October 7 2015

Budi Mulya Charged On Century Case

Antara, Aprianto Cahyo Nugroho Thursday, March 6 2014, 3:22 pm

JAKARTA-Bank Indonesia Deputy Governor on Monetary and Foreign Exchange Management Budi Mulya was charged on a corruption case in involving former BI governor Boediono and other BI officials.Corruption charge against Budi Mulya was related to the short-term financing facility provision (FPJP) to Bank Century and the determination of Bank Century as failure bank with systemic impact."Some indictment formulas explained that the Defendant as the BI deputy governor committed corruption under indicted Article together with Boediono as BI Governor, Miranda S Goeltom as BI Senior Deputy, Siti C Fadjriah as Deputy Governor VI, Budi Rochadi (late) as Deputy Governor VII, and Robert Tantular and Harmanus H Muslim in relation to FPJP," said KPK Deputy Bambang Widjojanto on Thursday."And the defendant with Muliaman D Hadad BI deputy governor V, Hartadi A Sarwono as Deputy Governor III, Ardhayadi ...

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