Monday, July 16 2018

Subscriber Agreement

Dear Loyal Customers,

Indonesia Business Daily (IBD), with new subscriptions scheme for US$8/week to US$200/year, offers you a subscriptions payment system via 29 ATM and Internet Banking Mandiri, BCA, BNI & Permata on BIG Store (

IBD Subscriptions:

Package US Dollar IDR
1 week US$8 Rp96.000
1 month US$25 Rp300.000
3 months US$70 Rp800.000
6 months US$130 Rp1.500.000
1 year US$200 Rp2.400.000

IBD offers subscriptions packages for US$8/week, US$25/month, US$70/ 3 months, US$130/ 6 months and US$200/ year.

If you already have BisnisID account, you can directly go to and choose the package you need.

If you haven’t got the account of BisnisID, please register first on The payment via Internet Banking is now available for Mandiri, BCA, BNI & Permata.

The payment process in on, where you will get payment code (for exp: 0195xxxxxxxxx) for input process through the Internet Banking.

Mandiri Internet

After receiving payment code 0195xxxxxxxxx, login to Next do the following steps:

1. Select the payment menu
2. Select Telkom Payment
3. Select Telkom Provider
4. Input 4 initial digit from the merchant website on the area code (0195)
5. Input the last 9 digit codes from the merchant website
6. Select proceed or next
7. Input the challenge code to the token
8. Click token code Mandiri Internet Banking
9. Clik Submit


After getting the code 0195xxxxxxxxx payment, log in to Next do the following steps:

1. Select payment menu
2. Select telephone payment
3. Select Telkom operator
4. Enter the 12-digit payment code obtained from the merchant website (195xxx "without the 0 in front of the code")
5. Click Continue
6. Input challenge code into tokens
7. Input response code that appears on the BCA key

BNI Internet Banking

After getting the code 0195xxxxxxxxx payment, log in to Next do the following steps:

1. Select payment menu
2. Select Phone / Mobile payment
3. Select Telkom provider
4. Enter the 4 digit initial payment code (0195) in the first column, and the last 9 digit in column
5. Next on phone number field
6. Enter code that appears on the token
7. Enter response number generated by the BNI e-Secure
8. Enter code that appears to token
9. Enter response number generated by the BNI e-Secure


Bank Permata currently Internet payment, thus Permata customer can enjoy IBD via PermataNet.

Please log in to and proceed the payment by selecting telephone payment or Telkom. Then, enter the payment code 0195xxxxxxxxx.

Follow the next process for the payment on PermataNet.

ATM Payment

You can get IBD subscriptions package on and make the payment in ATM networks of 29 national and international banks.

On the ATM, choose telephone payment or Telkom, then put your payment code 0195xxxxxxxxx.

Choose the subscriptions package, then choose payment through your ATM account. Purchasing can be done by processing the payment.

If you are asked area code, put 3 initial digit added with 0 in front of it, thus it is “0195” and input the next 9 digits. If you are using BCA ATM, payment code without 0 to 195xxxxxxxxx.

The following is the list of ATM for IBD payment.

State-Owned Banks:Mandiri, BNI,BRI, BTN.

Local Banks: DKI, Aceh, Sumut, BJB, Nagari, Bali.

Sharia Banks: Muamalat, Syariah Mandiri, Mega Syariah.

Private Banks: BCA, CIMB Niaga, Permata, BII, Mega, Bokupin, Bank Bersaudara, Arta Graha, Ekonomi, Bank Mega, Panin.

Foreign Banks: Citibank, HSBC, OCBC NISP, ANZ, Mitsubhisi UFJ.

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