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Siloam To Operate 19 Hospitals In Q1/2014

Nenden Sekar A, Aprianto Cahyo Nugroho   -   Wednesday, December 18 2013, 4:41 pm



JAKARTA - PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk is ready to operate 19 hospitals in Q1/2014 along with the acquisition and construction of a new hospital.

Siloam Corporate Secretary S. Budisuharto explained that the company is targeting one another hospital to be acquired after the acquisition of 80% stake in two hospitals owned by PT Medika Sarana Traliansia in Bali worth IDR308 billion.

Although not described in detail, but the acquisition is expected to be completed at the end of this year.

The company has allocated as much as IDR345.36 billion or about 26% of the total proceeds from the initial public offering (IPO) of IDR1.32 trillion for the acquisition of hospital or health care provider.

In addition, the SILO-coded company is also completing the construction of two new hospitals in Medan and Kupang which planned to start operating early next year. Siloam allocated 39% of the total IPO proceeds, equals to IDR518.05 billion for the construction.

“By additional three acquired hospitals and two hospitals being built,in the first quarter of next year we will operate 19 hospitals,” he added.

In addition, Siloam has also budgeted capital expenditure (capex) amounted to IDR1.6 trillion for the construction of new hospital, so the Lippo Group subsidiary can operate 40 hospitals with a capacity of 10,000 beds by the next 5 years.

Meanwhile, throughout 2013 Siloam has opened two new hospitals, each in Bali and in TB Simatupang, Jakarta, as well as acquiring an integrated cardiac clinic in Cinere, South Jakarta.

As for the next year, Siloam expects to open six new hospital and to this day the basic construction of hospital in Padang and Semarang have begun, while the remaining will be in Malang, Bogor, and Jember which will begin later this year and early next year.

Besides opening new hospital, Siloam will also open at least 10 health clinics in 2014 as a strategy to bring health services to the community.

Editor : Muhammad Sarwani

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