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Tough Discussion On Monorail Project

Hedwi Prihatmoko, Yanita Petriella, Arsyad Paripur   -   Thursday, February 20 2014, 7:21 am


JAKARTA - Jakarta Provincial Government has not reached an agreement with PT Jakarta Monorail (JM) related to the clause of cooperation agreements (PKS) for the continuation of monorail construction.

Jakarta Spatial Planning and Environment Deputy Governor Sarwo Handayani said the clause that has not been agreed upon includes purchase value of monorail poles from PT Adhi Karya Tbk, provision of collateral value of the project, and ticket price design.

“The PKS must be completed with care and it takes time, but it is agreed to be accelerated in order to complete by the end of February. With the condition, all requirements are fulfilled,” he said Wednesday (2/19).  

Regarding the purchasing of old monorail poles, he said the provincial government has asked the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) to determine the value of old monorail poles, which continues to cause polemic up to this moment.

According to Amin, Nirwan, Alfiantori and Partners (KJPP ANA), the estimated value of poles that must be paid by JM is reaching to IDR193 billion.

However, Jakarta Monorail rejected the estimated value. PT JM President Commissioner Edward Soeryadjaya accused Adhi Karya of marking up the price of monorail poles since it also includes the price of monorail station worth IDR53 billion.

“Now where is the station? It does not exist, why taking it into account. That is why we need to consider other calculations,” he said.

Edward prefers BPKP to conduct the calculation toward the old monorail poles which is claimed only around IDR130 billion  and promises to settle payment to Adhi Karya.

Jakarta Government gives deadline for JM to complete a single monorail in 3 years.

Jakarta Deputy Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said the government is still preparing the PKS that will bind both parties.

The agreement will contain targets for Jakarta Monorail in completing each monorail project within a period of 3 years for one lane, while the construction of two lanes is limited to 5 years.

“Prior to agreement, in this project you keep the poles and I keep the land but we cannot do anything about it. I do not want it like this,” he said. 

All constructed infrastructures will belong to Jakarta Government if JM is unable to complete within certain period.   

The decision relatively beneficial so that there will be a responsibility from the contractor of the project that is estimated to cost more than IDR15 trillion.

“We have the advantage. They must handover the project all if they cannot complete it. Then we will ask PT Transportasi Jakarta to invest in and continue the project,” he said. 

Ahok admitted JM and Jakarta Government have not agreed on anything during the groundbreaking in October 2013.

“Principally, we allow investor to build anything if they want to as long as they have budget and do not ask additional budget to Jakarta Government,” he said.

Ahok asked the project contractor to give 5% guarantee from the project value of around IDR15 trillion. However, it cannot be fulfilled since it is still considered burdensome.

“It is normally 5% but they asked for 1.5%. This is strange if you want to buy something worth IDR100 but do not even have IDR5,” he said.

The funding issue is mainly due to the Jakarta Monorail has not received fund from the China Communication Construction Company Ltd (CCCC) as the investor to continue the monorail project.

The fund has not been given since there is no binding agreement between the Jakarta Government and Jakarta Monorail as the contractor.

The provincial government urged the JM to immediately fulfill a number of documents, including certainty of funding, document of technical review, and document related to the legal aspects.

Editor : Taufik Wisastra

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