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PTPN XIV Needs IDR2.7 Trillion To Expand Business

Amri Nur Rahmat, Intan Permatasari   -   Thursday, January 23 2014, 12:01 pm



MAKASSAR— PT Perkebunan Nusantara XIV (Persero) states it now needs IDR2.7 trillion investment fund to develop its palm oil and rubber business.

President Director of PTPN XIV Budi Purnomo said the fund will be spent on optimizing land for palm plantation measuring 60,000 hectares and developing rubber commodity which also becomes its business.

“The land reaches 60,000 hectares. It is expected to be carried out soon with IDR2.7 trillion investment,” he said, Wednesday (1/22).

He argued the company’s land for palm oil plantation is in 5 locations, three of them are in South Sulawesi, namely PKS Luwu I, PKS Malili and PKS Keera, while the others are in Central Sulawesi (PKS Tomata) and in Southeast Sulawesi (PKS Asera).

After that, Purnomo said, CPO production can reach around 12,000 tons/month, increasing significantly than the current production at around 5,000 tons per month.

So far, around 30% of its total land or 18,000 hectares have been planted with CPO production on average reaching 5,000 tons/month. “If we have had the fund, we will soon develop it. The result will be visible in 2018. Besides, we will also develop rubber at the same time,” he said.

Meanwhile on the urge from South Sulawesi provincial administration to soon carry out thorough improvement in ownership of land around Takalar Sugar Factory, Purnomo stated he will design planning according to the prevailing legal procedure.

He argued the company will cooperate with South Sulawesi provincial administration to formulate draft on cooperation particularly in settling the dispute of land around the factory or optimizing Takalar sugar factory.

 “We actually need fund to develop Takalar factory and we will discuss it further with the provincial administration about the financing option whether the administration will disburse some fund for it or facilitate third party (investor) to cooperate with,” he said.

Governor of South Sulawesi, Syahrul Yasin Limpo, said improvement and evaluation are intended to optimize its sugarcane plantation land not to be disrupted by dispute of ownership between PTPN XIV and residents around the sugar factory.

Editor : Muhammad Sarwani

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